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ACICA Tribunal Secretary Panel

NameCVNationalityPractice LocationJurisdiction of AdmissionLanguage skills
Peter Halprin Esq. FCIArbLink to CVUSANew YorkNew YorkEnglish
Marina KofmanLink to CVAustralianLondonNew South Wales, AustraliaEnglish, Russian
Katlyn KrausLink to CVUSASydney, AustraliaNew York

New South Wales, Australia

Shi Yan LeeLink to CVSingaporeanSingaporeSingapore,

Victoria, Australia

Benson LimLink to CVSingaporeanSingaporeSingapore

England & Wales

English, Mandarin
Charles H. W. MakLink to CVChinese (HKSAR) --Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin), English
Harshal MorwaleLink to CVIndiaIndia, MalaysiaMaharashatra & Goa, IndiaEnglish, Hindi, Marathi, French (basic)
Ilya Igorevich Putilin MCIArbLink to CVRussianMoscow, RussiaRussiaRussian, English, German
Rajat RanaLink to CVIndianWashington, D.C.India

New York

Washington D.C.

English, Hindi, Punjabi
Donna RossLink to CVUSAMelbourne, AustraliaNew York

Victoria, Australia

Anish Wadia, FCIArb,  FACICA, FMIArb, FHKIArb, FAIADR, FAArb, FCArb, FPIArb, FPD, FAMINZ (Arb)Link to CVIndianIndia, Malaysia, Hong Kong Singapore, Dubai, Germany, Iceland, UK, France, U.S.A, African RegionIndia
England & WalesDIFC Courts, DubaiSICC, Singapore
English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, French (basic)
Erika Williams FCIArbLink to CVAustralianBrisbane, AustraliaNew South Wales, AustraliaEnglish, Japanese
Hamish CliftLink to CVAustralianBrisbane, AustraliaQueensland, AustraliaEnglish
Yiwen GUANLink to CVChineseBeijing, China-Chinese (Mandarin), English

Tribunals and parties are to make their own arrangements with potential secretaries concerning their appointment. ACICA assumes no liability for the performance of tribunal secretaries, which will be the responsibility of the tribunal.

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