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Sapere Forensic is part of Sapere Research Group.

Sapere Research Group is one of the largest expert consulting firms in Australasia and a leader in provision of independent economic, forensic accounting and public policy services. Sapere provides independent expert testimony, strategic advisory services, data analytics and other advice to Australasia’s private sector corporate clients, major law firms, government agencies, and regulatory bodies.

Sapere has offices  in Wellington, Auckland, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, as well as staff who periodically work from other locations in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm has approximately 50 consultants — about one third with PhDs, and most with post-graduate degrees.

Sapere’ comes from Latin (to be wise) and the phrase ‘sapere aude’ (dare to be wise). The phrase is associated with German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who promoted the use of reason as a tool of thought; an approach that underpins all Sapere’s practice groups.

Sapere Forensic is a team of predominantly former Big 4 Forensic Accountants providing expert accountancy and valuation services in commercial and intellectual property disputes. Our team has accumulated decades of experience in the provision of expert witness services, ranging from large and complex disputes (with quantum exceeding $100 million) to small quantum or single issue matters. Our experience includes the provision of oral testimony in arbitrations held under ICC or UNCITRAL rules as well as in domestic arbitrations, the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Courts of NSW, Victoria, SA and WA, as well as in the USA, UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.


Tony Samuel, Treasurer of ACICA, leads Sapere Forensic, and has significant experience in international arbitration, having testified as expert accountant and valuer in a number of large, complex disputes held under UNCITRAL and ICC rules.

Sapere Forensic’s experience in international arbitration includes the provision of expert accounting and valuation opinions as to:

  • Damages arising from breach of contract
  • The value of both the assets and business of a mobile telecommunications company
  • The interpretation of the financial clauses in a distribution agreement
  • The diversion of funds
  • Various accounting issues
  • Analysis of construction costs and variations
  • Damages arising from breach of a non-compete clause
  • Assessment of the profitability of a supply contract


For more information please visit our website at or contact:

Tony Samuel, Director

Ph: +61 2 9234 0220 (Sydney)

Ph: +61 3 9626 4333 (Melbourne)


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