Value of ACICA Input on the Lifecycle of Arbitration2020-08-19T04:30:48+00:00

Why Use ACICA?

Arbitration conducted by ACICA is called administered or institutional arbitration. An institutional arbitration is one in which a specialised institution, such as ACICA, undertakes the administration of the arbitration process. In these circumstances the ACICA Arbitration Rules or Expedited Arbitration Rules provide a procedural framework or process for the arbitration, and ACICA assists parties and the tribunal in the process to ensure that the matter moves forward in a timely and efficient manner.

This differs to ‘ad hoc’ arbitration where there is no institution involved to assist with the process. The arbitration is largely driven by the parties and the tribunal once appointed and can be reliant on a high level of party cooperation and tribunal control to ensure process efficiency.

Advantages of ACICA Arbitration

ACICA provides significant value throughout the life-cycle of an arbitration. The key areas of ACICA input are summarised below.  Click on the document to download a copy:

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