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ACICA Tribunal Secretary Panel

Recognising the widespread use of tribunal secretaries and the useful role that tribunal secretaries can play in ensuring the efficacy of arbitral proceedings, ACICA has launched its Tribunal Secretary Panel, which will be maintained as a resource for tribunals and parties undertaking arbitration in Australia and the region.

Applications for Tribunal Secretary Panel

ACICA accepts applications for appointment to its Panel of Tribunal Secretaries on a rolling basis. The term of appointment is three (3) years, after which time panel members must re-apply.

Selection criteria

Applicants seeking inclusion on the ACICA Panel of Tribunal Secretaries should be able to meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of the CIArb Tribunal Secretaries’ Course or recognised equivalent, including successful completion of any course assessments or examinations; or
  2. Demonstrated experience as a Tribunal Secretary either by:
    1. Proven involvement in at least one (1) arbitration; or
    2. Minimum 6 months’ experience working as a tribunal secretary with an arbitrator.

Professional reference(s) from relevant arbitrator(s) attesting to the applicant’s experience as a tribunal secretary must be provided.

Application process

Applicants wishing to be considered for appointment should send a completed application form and the following documents to

  1. current CV (applicants should note, this will be the CV publicly used on ACICA’s website in its tribunal secretary panel listing), and either:
  2. an accreditation certificate and assessment/examination results from a recognised tribunal secretary training course or,
  3. evidence demonstrating involvement either in 1 arbitration or 6 months’ experience with an arbitrator (including provision of a brief description of duties) and
  4. an accompanying written reference from an arbitrator.

ACICA will approve applications in its sole discretion and is not in a position to provide feedback to applicants. Appointments will be made quarterly and applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application.

Secretary Appointments

ACICA publishes a listing of tribunal secretary panel members on its website along with contact details. Tribunals and parties should make their own arrangements with potential secretaries concerning their appointment. ACICA assumes no liability for the performance of tribunal secretaries, which will be the responsibility of the tribunal.



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