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ACICA Judicial Liaison Committee

ACICA works closely with the Australian judiciary to promote harmonisation of approach to arbitration-related court proceedings.  The ACICA Judicial Liaison Committee, with its expertise in judicial and arbitral experience, is an integral part of the Australian arbitration infrastructure.

The Committee consists of judicial officers from all courts in Australia, along with ACICA President Brenda Horrigan, ACICA Vice-President Jonathon Redwood and Mr Allan Myers AC QC.

The Judicial Liaison Committee Charter is available here.

Committee MemberAlternate Committee MemberCourt or Position
The Honourable Chief Justice James Allsop AO (Chair)Federal Court of Australia
The Honourable Justice John MiddletonFederal Court of Australia
The Honourable Justice Sam DoyleSupreme Court of South Australia
The Honourable Justice David MossopThe Honourable Justice Michael ElkaimSupreme Court of Australian Capital Territory
The Honourable Justice James StevensonThe Honourable Justice Kelly ReesSupreme Court of New South Wales
The Honourable Justice David JacksonThe Honourable Justice John BondSupreme Court of Queensland
The Honourable Justice Peter RiordanSupreme Court of Victoria
The Honourable Justice Kenneth MartinThe Honourable Justice Peter QuinlanSupreme Court of Western Australia
The Honourable Justice Judith KellyThe Honourable Justice Stephen SouthwoodSupreme Court of the Northern Territory
The Honourable Associate Justice Stephen HoltThe Honourable Justice Michael BrettSupreme Court of Tasmania
The Honourable Justice Robert McClellandFamily Court of Australia
Brenda HorriganPresident of ACICA
Jonathon RedwoodVice-President of ACICA
Allan Myers AC QCNon-judicial member, nominated by Chair
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